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All seeds are open pollinated, untreated, GMO free,
and naturally grown in the Comox Valley.

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Bulk Seed is also available - see chart below for varieties and pricing.

We sell our seeds at the Comox Valley Farmer’s Market from March-October, and also at Seedy Saturdays in Courtenay, Campbell River, Parksville, Nanaimo and Salt Spring Island.

Fundraising: Please contact us and we will send you info on our fundraising program. Basically we sell you the seeds @ wholesale and you sell them at retail.

Stores: A selection of our seeds are available at:
Top Shelf Feeds (Courtenay and Black Creek)
Art Knapp's Plantland (Courtenay)
Saratoga Gifts (Oyster River)
Pomme Natural Market (Nanaimo)

Arugula: Dark green, oak shaped leaves, spice up salads and sandwiches. Sow in early spring, to fall. Plant in shade to prevent bolting in summer. 30-40 days. Bulk Seeds: $15/25g
Swiss Chard
- Bright Lights:
Thick stems are bright red, yellow, white and pink, with large ruffled leaves of green and burgundy. Direct sow April-August. 60 days. Bulk Seeds: $15/25g
Broccoli - Calabrese Green Sprouting: An Italian Heirloom. These large, fast growing plants produce multiple shoots with 2-3 inch heads. Cut stems low to produce thick new shoots in the fall. Large leaves and leaf stalks are very tender and can be used as you would collards or kale. Start as transplants or direct sow 1' - 1'5" apart in full to partial sun. 2' tall, 60-70 days. Bulk Seeds: $15/25g
Broccoli - Calabrese Green Heading: An Italian Heirloom. These large plants produce 3-5" heads of flavourful blue green broccoli as well as many side shoots once the main head is harvested. Cut side shoots low on their stalks to produce thick shoots into the fall. Start as transplants or direct sow 1' - 1'5" apart in full to partial sun. 1'5" tall, 80-90 days. Bulk Seeds: $15/25g
Mustard - Red: Maroon tipped leaves can be harvested when small, or thinned to 12 inches for full grown plants.  Eat fresh or lightly cooked. Younger leaves have a mild mustard flavor, while mature leaves pack a spicy punch!
Heather's Salad Mix: A fast growing blend of cold loving greens that will add colour and flavour to salads. Arugula, Mizuna, Red Russian Kale, Red Mustard and Curley Cress Peppergrass. Regular re-sowing, from early spring-fall. Harvest young leaves or grow plants to full size. 30 days. Bulk Seeds: $15/25g
Beets - Flat of Egypt Heart-shaped, flat topped roots with sweet, crimson coloured flesh. A fast growing heirloom with tender green leaves and purple stalks perfect for salads or steaming. Excellent keeper. Plant late March through July. Water deeply during the first 5 weeks of growth. 50 days. Bulk Seeds: $15/25g
- Bloomsdale Savoy:
Large, very green, deeply wrinkled leaves, on a sturdy plant. This heritage variety will do best in cooler temperatures. Sow in spring, and again in fall. Strong flavor when used raw or cooked. 40-50 days. Bulk Seeds: $15/25g
Kyoto Mizuna: Light green, feather shaped leaves have a refreshing hint of mustard. Fast growing Mizuna will sprout in as little as four days, can be picked often. Thin to 12 inches for full grown plants. Use in salad, sandwiches, and lightly cooked. 30 days. Bulk Seeds: $15/25g
Kale - Red Russian : Large, flat, pale green leaves with purple stems and finely cut edges. Fast growing, tasty and very tender young leaves. Considered one of the oldest and most nutritious varieties. Plant March – July. Over winters well from late season sowings. 50-80 days. Bulk Seeds: $15/25g
Cress - Curley Peppergrass Fast growing, ready eat in 2 weeks, the spicy taste made Curley Cress a favourite from last year's trials. Finely cut blue-green leaves on slender stems. Adds a delicious peppery flavour to salads, soups and sandwiches. Slow to bolt. 15-20 days. 8-10" tall.
Cabbage - Early Jersey Wakefield 2-3lb conical shaped heads with tightly packed crisp pale green leaves. Smaller plants allow for closer spacing (1-1.5’), perfect for small gardens. Protect plants from pests with floating row cover. Cold Hardy. 70 days. Bulk Seeds: $15/25g
Romaine - Cimmaron Red: A rare romaine with smooth, sweet leaves with red tips and green hearts. Bulk Seeds: $10/7g
Romaine - Parris Island Cos: A classic green Romaine lettuce with crisp, sweet buttery leaves with tender white hearts. Heads are 12” tall. Space plants 10-12” apart. Slow to bolt. 60-70 days. Bulk Seeds: $10/7g
Loose Leaf - Merlot: Red, Loose Leaf - Our darkest “red” lettuce is comparable to the colour of a glass of red wine making it ideal for salad mixes. Merlot is slow bolting and grows well all seasons.
Loose Leaf - Ruby Red: Red, Loose Leaf - Crisp and juicy leaves have a frilly edge blushed with red. Heat resistant, and ideal for growing in all seasons. 40-50 days. Bulk Seeds: $10/7g
Loose Leaf - Black Seeded Simpson: Green, Loose Leaf - This fast growing lettuce has crisp, sweet, pale green leaves with frilled edges. Performs best when grown in early spring, before the summer heat. Bulk Seeds: $10/7g
Loose Leaf - Dutch Winter: Green, Loose Leaf - Large loose open heads of wavy pale green leaves grows quickly in cool temperatures. 40-50 days. Bulk Seeds: $10/7g
Sunfire: Red, Oak Leaf - A loose leaf lettuce with oak shaped leaves, with red veins and tinged with dark red at the ends. Grows well in all seasons, and is ideal in salad mixes for colour and shelf life once cut. Bulk Seeds: $10/7g
Tom Thumb: Oldest American lettuce still in cultivation. Butterhead. Makes nice small heads. Great for containers. 50-70 days.
Lettuce Blend: A mix of green and red loose leaf lettuces. We have selected varieties that perform well in both warm and cool conditions. Harvest when fully mature, just the outer leaves as needed or as a cut and come again crop. Bulk Seeds: $10/7g
Tips: All greens prefer cooler growing conditions, even spacing of about 6 inches (you can eat the thinings), lots of moisture and a good supply of food. We use remay (white crop cover) a lot as it both keeps them warm at night and cool during the day. Sow small amounts often for continuous harvest.
Altaglobe: Large round roots are cherry red, with tender, pure white, crispy flesh. Long window of harvest time, before becoming woody. 28 days.
French Breakfast Radish: ***OUT OF STOCK***
Arbuznyi: Medium sized brown skinned fruit with dark green shoulders on 4-5’ tall indeterminate plants. Deep red, juicy fleshwith a balance sweet / acid taste. Very attractive for slicing. Productive all season long. Bulk Seeds: $22/3g
Principe Borghese: An Italian heirloom famous for sauces, roasting and drying. 1-2 oz red, plum shaped fruit. The flavour of the fresh fruit is a bit bland, however, once cooked or dried Principe Borghese has a bold flavour, far superior to other varieties. Very prolific, continuous harvest. 3' tall, determinate. Bulk Seeds: $22/3g
Stupice: An heirloom from Czechoslovakia pronounced “Stu-pick”. These large, 2”, red cherry tomatoes have a bold tangy tomato taste. Attractive 5–6’ tall indeterminate vines are vigorous, drought tolerant and very blight resistant. Bulk Seeds: $22/3g
Golden King of Siberia: Medium-Large slightly pointed fruit with vibrant yellow skin and flesh. Sweet/tart flavour and firm flesh, ideal for slicing, made it one of our favourites this year. These indeterminate plants grow tall with finely cut leaves that droop attractively. Bulk Seeds: $22/3g
Mortgage Lifter: Extra large, reddish pink, beefsteak tomatoes grow 1-3 pounds each on indeterminate plants. Good flavour and ideal for slicing on sandwiches. 90 days. Bulk Seeds: $22/3g
Merville Rocket: A bush or determinate growing variety. Produces many tasty, round, red tomatoes, of a medium size. Low growing plant requires some staking. Early ripening, with good flavor, and texture. Bulk Seeds: $22/3g
Gold Nugget
Cherry Tomato:
Bush variety, with no pruning required. Sweet, medium-large, oblong, yellow fruit. Very prolific! Bulk Seeds: $22/3g
Ardwyna Paste: Indeterminate - Provide good support for these tall plants that set heavy with large fruit that can weigh up to 1 pound each. Originally from Italy the tomatoes are cylindrical, with a somewhat irregular shape, red with an orange blush on the shoulders. Excellent flavour with very few seeds and not too juicy make this variety great for cooking and drying. Bulk Seeds: $22/3g
Chocolate Cherry: Indeterminate - Medium to large Heirloom cherry tomatoes grow on very productive, vigorous plants. The cherry tomatoes are slightly oblong, rusty red / brown in colour, and sweet, low acid flavour. Adds interest to salads and grilled vegetable dishes. Bulk Seeds: $22/3g
Jaune Flamme: Indeterminate, 80 days - A moderate sized plant produces over 50 uniform sized, 2-3oz, deep orange coloured fruit. Outstanding flavour and appearance. Bulk Seeds: $22/3g
Rose: Indeterminate, 75-80 days - An Amish Heirloom, the plants grow vigorously and support 3-5 large fruit per branch. The light red coloured fruit has a soft meaty flesh, small amount of seed and juice and a strong sweet tomato flavour. Our standout winner for best flavour. Tomatoes can be picked just before they are fully ripe and allowed to finish ripening inside, to avoid them dropping on the ground or damaging the branch. Bulk Seeds: $22/3g
Tomatillo: Pale green husks encase a sticky green fruit, used traditionally in salsa verde. Start in doors March-April. Move outside mid-late May. Stake these sprawling plants, or use a tomato cage, to keep the ripening fruit off the ground.
Orca Bush Bean: Plant your own ‘pod’ of West Coast Orcas! Seed shell is half white, half black with small black spots. Great producer of fresh young beans, excellent flavor and texture as a dry bean. Plant mid May – early June. Allow pods to fully mature, and harvest dry beans before fall rains.
Royal Burgundy
Bush Bean:
A delightful purple snap bean. The sturdy plant stems, and flowers are also purple. Great fresh, or cooked. When cooked, these beans will change colour from purple to green. Excellent marinated raw in a bean salad. Bulk Seeds: Bulk Seeds:$15/75g
Blue Lake Bush Bean: A great fresh, green, snap bean. Use fresh or cooked, with a sweet flavor. Freezes well. These long sender pods remain tender for quite a long time, before becoming tough. Bulk Seeds:$15/75g
Blue Lake Pole Bean: This tasty climber shares the same qualities as the Bush variety, but grows up a pole, fence, or even a sturdy twine. Can reach amazing heights if allowed! Freezes well. Bulk Seeds:$15/75g
Blue Coco Purple Pole Bean: ***OUT OF STOCK***
3 Colour Bush Bean Blend: A colourful blend of 3 varieties of bush bean, including yellow Honey Wax, green Blue Lake Bush and purple Royal Burgundy.
Igloo Green Bush Bean: Long dark green pods are tender with good flavor. Plants are resistant to cool wet weather. 57 days
Edamame Soybean: Delicious, tender green soybeans eaten fresh are easy to grow, harvest and prepare. Plants are 2’ tall with erect stems that require little to no support. Clusters of small green pods grow prolifically on straight sturdy stalks with attractive round leaves. Soybeans require a long growing season, especially if you want to grow your own seed, so plant them as soon as the soil is warm, mid to late may generally. Full sun. 90-100 days. Bulk Seeds:$15/75g
Windsor Broad Bean: Also called Fava. An excellent bean, fresh or dried. Steam two minutes, discard pods, serve on salads, in soup or stew, as a pesto, or simply, a little butter and pinch of salt.
Oma's Yellow
Pole Bean:
Shared with us recently by a local family, this old variety produces large amounts of fresh, flat, pale yellow beans. Delicious when tender, or used as a dried bean.
Scarlet Runner Bean: Fast growing vines, covered in bright red flowers, followed by long green pods. Eat fresh beans when young and tender, or use as a dried bean. Blossoms will drop in temperatures above 30C. Bulk Seeds: $15/75g
Dragon Tongue: Bush Bean, Dual Purpose - Productive and rust resistant, this wax bean can be eaten fresh or used as a dry bean. Originally from the Netherlands, the tan pods are streaked with purple and grow on 1-2 foot tall, sturdy plants that will require some support. Bulk Seeds: $15/75g
Honey Wax: Yellow Bush Bean - Very productive plants producing 5” long, straight, pale yellow snap beans. Good flavour. Bulk Seeds: $15/75g
Purple Fava
Broad Bean:
Striking, very large, dark purple beans. Use as a dried bean, or cook whole, fresh pods 2 minutes, discard pods, and enjoy beans on salads for added protein, soup, stew, and even pesto. Plant February - April.  3' tall plants require some staking.  
TIPS: Beans are a lot of fun to grow. If you have only had a store bought dry bean you are missing out, as you never know how old they are. In general beans like lots of sun, warm soil, moderate moisture, and moderate feeding. They fix nitrogen in the soil so are great for your garden.
Banana Nano: Great big snap pea. Eat the whole pod. Crisp, tender and refreshing. Grows up to 7' tall. A summer snack favourite!
Sugar Snap Pea: Long, full,edible pods make a sweet treat on a hot summer day! Plant in early spring and again the first week of July for a late harvest. Bulk Seeds: $15/75g
Shelling Pea Mix A blend of our 2 varieties of shelling peas gives you a longer harvest time of plump pods full of fresh peas. Alderman and Little Marvel varieties. 3’ tall. Bulk Seeds: $15/75g
Calendula: Cheery yellow and orange, edible & medicinal flowers. Pinch spent blooms to encourage flowers until frost. Over winters in warmer areas. Requires little care, and self sows. Bulk Seeds: $8/10g
Dill: Fresh young greens flavor fish, salads, soups and more. Flower and seed heads used in pickles. Attracts beneficial insects to the garden. Direct sow a row in early and late spring for a constant supply of greens. Bulk Seeds: $10/15g
Genovese Basil: PESTO. Need I say more?! Large pungent leaves on 2’ tall plants are ideal for pesto, sauces, and drying. A must have herb for Italian cooking. Rich moist soil, and regular feedings of compost tea will keep plants healthy and productive until the fall.
Thai Siam Queen Basil: Dark green leaves and attractive purple flower heads have with a liquorice flavour make this a must have herb in Asian cuisine. Compact bushes grow to 1’ tall. Full sun.
Chives: Perennial plants with tiny bulbs. You will have chives for many years to come! Cut and re-grow. Pale pink globe-like flowers are edible and make great garnishes or can be used to flavour herb vinegars. Plant in well drained soil. Direct sow or transplant in small clumps of 4-6 seedlings every 2”.
Catnip: Also known as Catmint, this healthful herb is a member of the mint family with small white flowers and soft heart shaped leaves on 3’ tall stems. Attracts beneficial insects, repels deer and mosquitoes, attracts lacewings which eat aphids and mites. Perennial.
Summer Savory: Fast growing, branching, annual shrub with spicy blade like leaves and tiny, pale blue flowers. Fresh or dried, it’s pungent flavour can be used like sage, and makes an excellent seasoning for bean or meat dishes.
1’ across and 1-2’ tall. Full sun. Direct sow or transplant into warm soil.
Cilantro: Delicate, flat, cut leaves on tender stems have a pungent fresh aroma. Flavours salsas, and many dishes from around the world. The dried seed is called Coriander. Fast growing. Prefers cooler weather. Bulk Seeds:$15/15g
Mary's Ukrainian Poppy: Long graceful stems support delicate pink blooms with purple centers. Blue/green plants grow 2-3’ tall with no support necessary. Large seed heads make attractive dried flowers. Bulk Seeds: $8/5g
Marigold - Taj Mahal: These seeds said to be originally plucked for the gardens surrounding the Taj Mahal, and are one of the best for attracting beneficial insects. Growing up to one meter tall, plant as hedging or amongst the Tomatoes. Bulk Seeds: $8/10g
Marigold - Lemon Gem: A Signet marigold with cheerful yellow flowers and 1’ tall globe shaped plants with dainty bright green foliage. The whole plant has a refreshing citrus scent and the edible flowers. Flowers constantly through to fall and is rarely bothered by pests. Bulk Seeds: $8/10g
Nasturtium Mix: Orange, yellow, and red edible blooms. Trailing variety, makes a great ground cover.
Parsley - Italian: ***OUT OF STOCK***
Parsley - Hamburg: ***OUT OF STOCK***
Russian Mammoth Sunflower: Giant yellow flowers on sturdy stalks that can grow 10’ or taller. The colossal seed heads produce large oily seeds that are ideal for snacking. Requires some support in windy gardens. Bulk Seeds: $12/10g
Velvet Queen Sunflower: This striking red flower is a delight to bees, and later birds! Tall plants support several small to medium heads. Edible petals decorate salads and cakes. Bulk Seeds: $12/10g
Cosmos Mini Blend: Lovely delicate cosmos in a range of pinks and off-whites. Attracts hummingbirds, butterflies and wild bees.
Basil Holy: Native to India, used in Ayurvedic medicine. Used for cooking or tea. Flavour and aroma are distinctive and floral.
TIPS: Let your flowers go to seed and they will “naturalize” themselves in your garden. Flowers are beautiful but also practical. For example Calendula is great for adding color to your salad or to make salve. Interplant sunflowers with amaranth for a stunning display.
Purple Amaranth: An ancient Peruvian grain, used as a cereal, similar to couscous, popped as a snack, or ground into flour. 4-10 feet tall, and vivid purple, these deep rooted plants bring drama to any garden, and require little care, or water.
Golden Corn Bantam Old fashioned heirloom. Sweet flavour. Great for fresh eating or for freezing. Always pick the day of use. 90 days.
Dark Star Zucchini: Compact plants with near spineless leaf stems make for easy harvest of these dark green, uniform beauties! Twist the stems to pluck the fruit from their stalks. Frequent harvesting will ensure a long harvest. Edible flowers. Full sun. Start indoors in April. 1-2’ spacing. 50-60 days.
Lemon Cucumber: Yellow fruit the size and shape of lemons grow on productive vines. Excellent on salads or as a snack. 65 days
Gold Nugget Winter Squash Compact plants, 1-3 lbs fruit with dry sweet orange flesh and orange skin. Great for small gardens. C.maxima. 85 days.
Long Island Cheese Pumpkin: Tan skin, sweet orange flesh, shaped like a wheel of cheese! Excellent for pie. Long storage. C.Moschata 5-8 lbs 110 days.

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